Patrick Hansor, MSW, RSW

Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Patrick was born and raised in Birmingham, England. Following the road to new experiences and cultures took him to East Asia where he trained and worked as a language instructor. Tellingly, it was as much through nonverbal communication and a playful sense of creativity in working with children and apprehensive speakers where Patrick found his sensitivities to forming trust-based relationships essential to growth.

He moved to Windsor, Ontario in 2013, where he earned a Master of Social Work before gaining clinical experience as a counsellor, working at various community-based agencies. Often working with mandated clients, or families in various stages of development and/or crisis, Patrick employs a varied approach to working with clients to best meet the needs of the individuals and families that come to see him.

In 2017, Patrick gained familiarity with Jungian and psychoanalytic disciplines when he entered into an extensive personal analysis. These practice methods continue to inform his own practice and guide his experiences.

Accordingly, persuaded by insights gained through his own personal analysis, he continues to develop his practice methods to foster a sense of safety and mutual curiosity where clients can achieve meaningful encounters with and expressions of their inner world – clients are invited to share their dreams, drawings, or writings to actively participate in the imaginative process during the analytical hour.